Fireworks: The power to brighten up the soul

Sardonic Solicitor
3 min readDec 2, 2020

A mesmeric cacophony of noise, iridescent colours and cordite. Fireworks are an assault on the senses yet strangely soothing to the soul

As I set off for my evening walk around the block, I was struck by the unusual hubbub and a sense of excitement in the air. The streets were full of people, cars, picnicking families and other walkers. Having spent most of the day in my work bubble I had completely forgotten about the bank holiday celebrations that have grabbed the nation. I live in one of the Arabian Gulf states who have recently celebrated their National Day.

2020 has been a terrible, epoch shaping year. The global pandemic has taken its toll on many millions of people, either struck by the coronavirus, an ill family member or being swept up by shockwaves it has spread across world economies. With more people than ever social distancing around the world and working from home; isolation is physical and phycological. I count myself lucky that I can continue my work relatively seamlessly from home, rather than spending my days in the office.

Today, I was in my lockdown world, another Groundhog Day oblivious to my surroundings.

My walk reminded of the evening’s upcoming firework display. Being in a low mood, I was not moved by the surrounding buzz and excitement. I planned to give it a miss; although, I am fortunate enough to live within throwing distance of one of the planned firework displays. Partly, I told myself, this was out of mindfulness to keep my distance from other people due to the pandemic. But, if I am honest, it was mostly because I did not care enough to watch them this year.

Putting the fireworks out of my mind I was back to lockdown world. Back to the latest book I was reading.

Then, boom! Boom! Boom! Frazzle! Pop!

Photo by to Spenser Sembrat on Unsplash

I live so close to the fireworks display; I could feel the vibrations throughout my apartment and my body.



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